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Ap4 Project
The simple yet powerful way
to manage projects and teams
Construction Industry
Collaboration Reimagined
Finding our niche

How can we leverage new software technologies into the singular AEC industry, and enhance improvements in the design and build process throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, whilst promoting communication amongst the many stakeholders involved, each with their own unique and variegated interests? This was the question we asked ourselves in 2010 when we embarked on developing a better collaboration platform for the construction industry. We called it Ap4 Project Managers.

Up till then, existing collaboration applications weren't thought out for heavy file & folder and task power users with many permission level requirements for all of the various actors involved in a single construction project.

...We embarked on developing ourselves a better collaboration platform for the construction industry.
We called it Ap4 Project Managers.

Ap4 became a platform where each company in a project owns their information, yet maintained the ability to integrate and communicate between teams in a common project.

Along the way, while iterating and searching for a product fit, we came to realize that people from various industries were starting to use Ap4. With a growing set of ubiquitous features meant there was no reason to "market" exclusively to the construction sector. In 2014 we made the decision to make it available to everyone.

...Ap4 is now used daily in over 75 countries and by more than 32.000 different companies worldwide.
User interface
Focus on what's important

Throughout the years, Ap4 changed. It started with a more heavy-duty and enterprise-driven approach, until arriving at what we have today: a simpler, more focused, user friendly UI and experience.

Each page has one and only one function. We removed the unnecessary to focus on what's important when managing and sharing tasks and files with teams.

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Desktop & android version

Today it's common to see "continuity" amongst apps where a web application also has it's own native mobile app. However, back in late-2011 when we started developing Ap4Mobile for Android, it wasn't really the case.

But since our first mobile launch, Ap4 allowed its users to be more connected, using both our web and mobile apps seamlessly when in or out of the office. The experience of creating a task or uploading and sharing a file was the same on any device or PC.

Miguel Vaz @ Maisporto
We use Ap4 on a daily basis to centralize all project tasks and documentation, with the assurance that all available information is instantly updated and distributed by all members of the project, accessible whenever and wherever they may be.