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A set of services to deliver projects from beginning to end through an interdisciplinary approach to create smarter engaging digital solutions.

Hapibot helps organizations find success in the digital space, where clients take advantage of emerging technologies, online business model innovations and changes in user behaviour allowing new products and services to become smarter and capable of fostering authentic customer engagement.

Our strategists pour themselves in the lives of your potential customers, uncovering their motivations and needs. Stacked with these data and human insights, they shape growth hacking strategies with the power to radically shift behaviour.

Key Services
  • Brand Strategy
  • Idea Generation
  • Web and Mobile Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Application Analytics
  • Data Strategy
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Hapibot's design is user-centric. We always place the users and their needs first while converging on simplicity, removing the unnecessary to focus on what's important. Great design work is a deep understanding of the user's context, no matter the channel or device. We study the unique constraints and opportunities offered by any given platform, and through the application of our interactive design process, build efficient interfaces with beautiful displays.

Our UX/UI and visual designers work together to create unique, elegant, useful solutions to a wide variety of business challenges.


From enterprise web apps, chatbots, e-commerce to deep systems integration with mobile application development and beyond, we have a wealth of experience helping global customers define, design, and deploy sophisticated and emerging platforms. Hapibot believes that technology can solve real business and life problems by enabling new user experiences that drive growth.

Our scope of work spans beyond web and mobile development, bridging the physical and digital boundaries through wearables, sensibles, artificial intelligence and data science. By creating sensors and gathering data systems we enable businesses to understand and predict user patterns, monetize their data, and thus reach customers more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted content across the digital ecosystem.

Our engineers are cross-platform agnostic developers who thrive in finding the best solutions for every business need, turning ideas and designs into functional and reliable products and services. Our work is built for scale, performance and longevity.

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Front & Back-end Development
Augmented Reality
API Integrations
IoT Devices, Sensors & Beacons
Automation & Chatbots
Machine Learning
Natural Processing Language
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