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A rental equipment catalogue done right
Hundreds of equipments
at the tip of a finger
The practicality of digital

Vendap reached out to Hapibot and asked us to build mobile apps that would replicate their paper catalogue. We proudly partnered with Vendap to create a smart one-of-a-kind digital catalogue mobile app that helps Vendap rental service get the most out of their vehicles and equipments and lets prospective renters explore Vendap's equipment lineup, product features and functionalities.

Our team worked closely with Vendap to clarify and refine the project goals, narrowing down the target audience from large construction companies, event organizers and occasional one-off private customers.

These correlate with the needs we identified when we developed personas and workflows: users need to quickly find equipments within specific categories, compare technical equipment information, proceed to choose the one they need and request a quote for it or directly contact Vendap through the catalogue.

Making it appealing
From colors to convenience
The challenge was all about creating a large and very technical catalogue and turning it into a digital catalogue where users could quickly find the equipment they needed without exactly knowing its technical name or the most adequate equipment for the job. Further meetings with the Vendap team were carried out to understand the interactions involved in searching for equipments and reorganizing each equipment's individual associated category group. During our design process we defined a more visual approach, selecting images that clearly explained the solution each equipment handles and organized them in terms of general usage such as reach, weight and height.
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The mobile app colors mimic the palette from Vendap's logo and equipment categories. It was important for us that the application felt familiar to users that previously used the paper catalogue counterpart.

The application's homepage shows a grid with the existing nine categories for immediate access after opening the app (especially useful for first- time users). An always present menu icon opens a sidebar that lists equipment categories for rapid navigation independently where the user is in the app, followed by other features like access to secondary technical information pages or the "shopping-cart-experience" page which lists all the items the user requested a quote for.

Each individual equipment page displays product information, a share feature, a click-to-call button to Vendap's call center, a "request a quote" button, and collapsable and zoom-ready images.

Developing a catalogue
building with purpose

Unifying the vision of the catalogue was a challenge, specially because we wanted to offer users an experience that felt native, but had all the flexibility of the web and allowed updating such a large volume of data between three different operating systems. The Vendap mobile applications were natively developed for Android, iOS and Windows, but all shared the same equipment pages developed in HTML using web views,guaranteeing that the apps would have the same layout, features and workflow regardless of the platform they were running on.

The initial equipment data handoff came in the form of Excel file spreadsheets. To get it into a form that we could use in the all three apps, we needed to put it into a MySQL based CMS. We created data models that mirrored the equipment category structure. From there, we wrote scripts to crawl through the files, creating instances. We ran our project off the SQLite database, so once all our data was in, we could simply drop the SQLite file into the apps and query data at run-time. For the equipment rental requests and contact forms we used the native APIs for each operating system.

Nuno Falcão @ vendap
Hapibot is easily one of the top developing team out there.
Their work is outstanding and they are always readily available.
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